Self-adhesive asphalt binder with ISO certificate

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                                                          Bitumen Waterproof Membrane
                                                                   STICKFLAT™ Bitumen Waterproof Series

1. Introduction
BITUFLAT™membrane is a kind of flexible, bituminous waterproofing sheet based on premium modified plastomer or elastomer bitumen, reinforced with non-woven polyester or composite glass-fiber mesh in the middle, bottom&surface coated with Aluminum.

 Self Adhesive Bitumen Adhesive with ISO Certificate
Self Adhesive Bitumen Adhesive with ISO Certificate

2. Characteristics
· Excellent weather-ability, durability and size stability
· Good adaptability to high and low temperature, UV resistant and anti-corrosion
· High tensile strength and good elongation, accommodating to structure movement.
· Easy installation, solid joint, and no environmental pollution

3. Application
· Roofs, Basement, Toilet
· Industrial and civil building waterproofing
· Geosynthetic liner for swimming pool, channels, irrigation system
· Especially suit for projects with high requirements in durability, anti-corrosion and deformation

Self Adhesive Bitumen Adhesive with ISO Certificate    Self Adhesive Bitumen Adhesive with ISO Certificate


4.Technical Data:
1Soluble content/(g/m2)≥3mm2100 
Test No flame No flame 
2Heat resistanceºC90105
TestNo flow, no dripping
3Low temperature flexibility/ºC-20-25
No crack
4Impermeability 30minutes0.3MPa0.2MPa0.3MPa
Secondly-Maximum    800
TestNo crack, no apart
6ElongationMaximum/%≥30 40  

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