Polyester 80/ Rayon 20 32*32 130*70 Twill uniform fabric

Products DisplayMaterialYarn countDensityConstructionWeight g/m2WidthT/T45*45110*761/1 plain9058/60"100D*45S(T/C80/20)110*761/1 plain9558/60"100D*32(T/C65/35)110*761/1 plain11058/60"T/C90/1045*45110*761/1 plain9558/60"T/C80/2045*4596*721/1 plain8358/

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Products Display
MaterialYarn countDensityConstructionWeight g/m2Width
T/T45*45110*761/1 plain9058/60"
100D*45S(T/C80/20)110*761/1 plain9558/60"
100D*32(T/C65/35)110*761/1 plain11058/60"
T/C90/1045*45110*761/1 plain9558/60"
T/C80/2045*4596*721/1 plain8358/60"
T/C80/2045*45110*761/1 poplin9858/60"
T/C80/2045*45133*721/1 poplin11058/60"
T/C65/3545*4588*641/1 plain8058/60"
T/C65/3545*4596*721/1 plain8558/60"
T/C65/3545*45110*761/1 poplin10044/45"
T/C65/3545*45110*761/1 poplin10058/60"
T/C65/3545*45133*721/1 poplin11044/45"
Combed T/C65/3545*45110*761/1poplin10058/60"
Combed T/C65/3545*45133*721/1poplin110-11558/60"
Combed T/C65/3545*45136*761/1poplin12058/60"
Combed T/C65/3545*45133*941/1poplin13058/60"
Combed Cotton/Poly55/4545*45110*761/1poplin10058/60"
Combed Cotton/Poly55/4545*45133*721/1poplin11058/60"
Combed Cotton/Poly60/4045*45133*941/1poplin13058/60"

T/R80/2045*45110*761/1 plain10056/58"
T/R80/2030*3078*651/1 plain14056/58"
T/R80/2021*21102*521/1 plain18056/58"
T/R80/2032*32130*702/1 twill15056/58"
T/R80/2020*2090*812/1 twill25056/58"
T/R65/3545*45110*761/1 plain10556/58"
T/R65/3520*2092*481/1 plain19056/58"
T/R65/3532*32133*722/1 twill17056/58"
T/R65/3520*20102*542/1 twill19056/58"
T/R65/3540/2*40/298*542/1 twill20056/58"
T/R65/3528/2*28/255*481/1 plain20056/58"
T/R65/3532/2*32/256*521/1 plain17056/58"
T/R65/3532/2*32/281*471/1 plain21056/58"
T/R65/3532/2*32/260*541/1 plain19056/58"

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Our company was established in 2003 and has more than 200 employees equipped with 2 production lines, including 1 Continuous Dyeing Plant, 4 Auto-Packing Machines, 12 Auto-Dyeing Jiggers, 2 Thermo-fixing Machines and 2 mercerizing machines. Moreover, 60 Water-Jet Looms and 200 Air-jet Looms which can provide 1, 800, 000m Grey Fabric every month.

Our tenet is "Customer highest, Quality and Service first." We are looking forward to establishing long-term business cooperation relationships with worldwide companies.
Our LAB has been equipped with the most advanced spectrophotometer for color matching system, sample dyeing machines and also qualified professional engineers in order to achieve the ideal quality of products. We have already received the ISO9001 & ISO14000 QUALITY SYSTEM CERTIFICATE and "AUDITED SUPPLIER CERTIFICATE" issued by SGS.

In addition, our company has "IMPORT and EXPORT RIGHTS" authorized by Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau. Most of our products have been exported to Europe, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East, I.E.Kenya, Nigiria, Peru, Panama, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Malaysia, Korea, Pakistan, etc.

Our products with brand "LITCHI" & "ICE BALL" have been exported to more than 60 countries, and we' Ve become the partner of many famous brands, like: NEW LOOK, GAP, TARGET, H&M, LEVI&S, WAL-MART, TESCO, VANCL, PRIMARK AND MARKS &SPENCER.

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